Society Board Members

The SCA Society Board represents the Sherwood Park Alliance Church (SPAC) Board of Elders and acts as a liaison between Elk Island Public Schools and SPAC.  The board exists to give oversight to both the SCA Elementary and Secondary schools.  Particular attention is given to Christian curriculum and programming, maintaining high educational standards, communicating with our parent body via school councils, supporting our staff, and managing the financial aspects of SCA’s Christian program.  The Society Board is firmly committed to maintaining and growing the Christian program at the two SCA campuses and to holding the direction and vision of SCA at the forefront of the schools.

Board Leadership

The Society Board is comprised of 12-15 members with representatives from:

  • Local churches, usually parents or grandparents of a child currently attending SCA
  • SCA Elementary & Secondary School administration
  • SCA Society administration
  • SPAC board of elders
  • SPAC staff

The SCA Society Board of Directors elects an executive comprised of: chair, vice-chair, secretary, and treasurer. These individuals work with the Society Office Administration to oversee the overall board function and operations including: agenda setting, meeting minute recording, budgeting, member recruiting and governance.

Note: Directors must be faith-minded individuals, holding membership and currently participating in a local Christian church.

Commitment   Directors commit to a three-year term with the option for one term renewal for a maximum of six years board service.

Strategic Priorities   Directors are assigned to a portfolio to assist with yearly board operation and maintain SCA’s strategic priorities.

2023/24 Board of Directors

For 2023/24, the SCA Society Board directors and roles are:

  • Nate Peters (parent) – Chair / Communication, Engagement
  • Steve Mebs (parent) – Vice-Chair
  • Ryan Wenger (parent) – Treasurer
  • Perry Cramer (parent) – Secretary
  • Brenda Hanson (parent) – Director
  • Teresa Tessier (parent) – Director
  • Mark Hauca (parent) – Director
  • Kyla Loewen – SPAC Elder Representative
  • Dwayne Uglem – SPAC Staff Representative
  • Francis Poole – SCA Elementary Principal
  • Matt Spronk – SCA Secondary Principal
  • Liann Cross – SCA Society Office Manager

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