2020/21 SCA Society Fees Status – August 20, 2020

In response to the EIPS Re-Entry Plan for our school, the SCA Society board are reviewing the Society’s 2020/21 fee structure in consultation with Sherwood Park Alliance Church and will update our families as soon as final decisions have been made.  Thank you for your patience as we navigate our new learning scenario.

Because our schools are permitting essential visits only, we encourage you to make payment arrangements such that in-office visits are not required.


SCA offers an Alternative Program within the Elk Island Public School (EIPS) district and admits students via an admission process.  The educational philosophy of SCA is based on a Christ-centered education based on a Christian worldview.  A personal, dynamic relationship with Jesus is at the heart of our mission and school culture.  Parents and their children are expected to acknowledge and affirm their support for the mission and biblical principles of the school (see Society Handbook link below).

Admission Process for New Students

The admission process for Strathcona Christian Academy includes the three processes described below.  The SCA Society no longer handles application forms but initiates the SCA Society agreement process with families following EIPS registration.  Please contact SCA Elementary or SCA Secondary directly for admissions inquiries.

A:  Register with Elk Island Public Schools All students who wish to attend Strathcona Christian Academy within EIPS must register through Elk Island Public School’s online registration process.

  • If you are a new student to EIPS, please click on the following link to register (open year-round): New Student Registration
  • If you are an existing student in EIPS, re-registration for the 2020-21 school year will be open Feb 1-29, 2020. The re-registration form will be available through your Parent Portal. Instructions will be sent out from EIPS in January, 2020.  SCA must be selected as your desired school of choice for the 2020-2021 school year.
  • Available spaces at the school are filled according to EIPS Administrative Procedure 305.

B: Attend a School Interview Once a spot has been made available to your child(ren), you will be contacted for an interview with the school’s administration.  The interview ensures families understand and endorse the school’s mission and vision, and it provides an opportunity for families to ask questions about the school’s programming and philosophy and tour the school.   Only families who attend an interview are considered for admission.  Families of all new students accepted into the program will receive a confirmation email or phone call after the interview.

C: Complete the SCA Society Agreement Following the close of EIPS registration, returning families will receive an email containing a link to their electronic agreement with the SCA Society.  After new families have had an interview and received confirmation of acceptance into the program, the SCA Society agreement process will be initiated following a process similar to that for returning families.

SCA Society Fees

The SCA Society collects fees to cover the costs of offering the Alternative Christian Program.  For 2020/21, these fees are $960 per kindergarten student and $1,480 for students in all other grades. These fees are payable in one lump sum or throughout the school year.

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