Enrollment for the start of a school year begins in February, with priority being given to returning students. Consideration is then given to new students according to the needs of the school. The educational philosophy of SCA is based on a Christ-centered view of truth as presented in the Bible. A personal, dynamic relationship with Jesus is at the heart of our mission and school culture. Parents and their children are expected to acknowledge and affirm their support for the mission and biblical principles of the school (see Family Handbooks).

Application Process for New Students

Student applications are accepted throughout the year. Applicants become part of a pool of potential students and may be contacted for an interview at registration time. Priority will be given to those who currently reside in the Elk Island Public School (EIPS) area; however, we do accept students outside of the EIPS district as well. Parent and student interviews are a key part of the admission process. They enable you to meet with school administration, learn more about SCA and confirm that your student truly wishes to attend SCA and support its mission and program. A school tour is included with the interview.

Step 1:  Complete and submit the Student Application for Admission, including all supporting documentation.

Step 2:  For students entering secondary school (grades 7 – 12), complete and submit a Student Profile.

Step 3:  Attend an interview with SCA Elementary and/or SCA Secondary if requested.

Step 4:  Upon acceptance into the school, complete the registration package (provided after the interview), pay the commitment fee ($120 for 2018/19), and make payment arrangements with the SCA Society office for the alternative program fees (for 2018/19: kindergarten $840; all other grades $1,360).

Note: Applications are accepted up to one year in advance of the desired year of entry, two years for Early Childhood Services/Kindergarten. (For example, to enter Grade 7 in September 2019, you may apply starting in January 2018. To enter Kindergarten in September 2020, you may apply starting in January 2018.) Parents will receive an email confirmation when your completed application is received. We are not able to accept incomplete applications. Classroom space is limited, and we regret that we are unable to accept all students who apply. Applications will be kept on file for up to two years before being closed. To continue as a potential student beyond two years, please submit a new application.

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Commitment Fees

Commitment fees are due only upon acceptance of a new student or re-registration of a returning student.  Click here to pay fees.

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